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As Underground Services, Inc. we have been an industry leader since 1987 in providing professional Subsurface Utility Engineering services and Geophysical surface markout investigations for our numerous clients. Headquartered near Philadelphia, we are ready to provide quality utility locating and surface designations throughout all of the eastern U.S. as well as Texas. Please contact us to discuss your utility project with our staff, which includes Professional Engineers licensed in 16 states.


Utility Locating

  • Neatly cut an area not exceeding 12 in x 12 in
  • Excavate using the SoftDig® vacuum excavation system
  • Excavate test holes in such a manner as to prevent any damage to utilities
  • Expose Utilities
  • Backfill with excavated material and place corresponding surface references
  • Provide Client with utility structure, condition, and size as well as elevations and site sketches

Utility Designating

  •  Designate, record, and mark approximate horizontal position (accurate within 12± in) of existing utilites
  • SoftDig® uses multiple geophysical techniques for designation
  • Allows for early, broad-scope decisions in a project
  • Surface marks are made with paint and client is provided with detailed sketches

Concrete Scanning

  • SoftDig® uses a state of the art MALA CX-12 for non-intrusive 2D & 3D Concrete Scanning
  • Can locate Post-Tension Cables, Rebar, Conduits, and other targets (accuracy depends on material type and depth)
  • Can be performed on various surfaces (Floors, Walls, Ceilings, Stairs, Bridges)
  • A must for Saw Cutting & Coring projects
  • Targets can be marked on surface and client is provided with detailed reports & sketches on findings

Ground Penetrating Radar

  • SoftDig® uses state of the art MALA GPR systems for surface designation of utilities
  • A combination of Shallow and Mid depth penetrating antenna’s allow for more accurate results (accuracy depends on soil type and depth)
  • Targets can be marked on surface and client is provided with detailed reports & sketches

CAD & GIS Mapping

  • Accurate plotting of Testhole locations and Utility lines
  • Surveyed in using a Trimble Total Station and Reference Swing Tie’s
  • Deliverable to client in PDF, DWG, DGN & GeoDatabase formats for use in AutoCad, MicroStation, and ArcGIS


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